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雅思哥 发表于 2016-3-4 21:44:57 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
1、标注“旧题回库” “旧题改编”的题是去年或去年以前考过的题,回归了题库或进行了更改,则意味着1-4月这四个月都会继续考,所以要重点准备。



Someone you admire who is much older than you

A person that I have the utmost respect and admiration for is my employer. His name is Professor Chen and I have known him for about two and a half years or so. Actually, back in the summer of 2014, I was fortunate to secure an internship with a business that specializes in hospital management and training programs. Although this internship was only for the summer vacation, the lowly position gave me valuable insights to the career I would later pursue.
Professor Chen has the demeanor of a kindly grandfather; he shows great patience, understanding, and kindness to me. At times, he has been firm when my work was not up to standard, but never in a harsh or condescending manner. His advice and guiding hands are always there if and when needed.
Well, the traits I admire the most in this older man is that in my opinion, he is a gentleman first and foremost, as well as a patient and inspiring person; he was then and still is now my mentor. At that time, I noticed he lead by example, by setting a high standard that he expected his staff to carefully follow. This, I believe has made his company the resounding success it is today.


“Part One”


1. House or flat 住所

2. Work or study 工作或学习

3. Name全名

4. Hometown 家乡

5. Weather 天气


6. Park 公园(旧题回库)

7. Social network 社交网络

8. Dancing 跳舞(旧题回库)

9. Handcraft 手工(旧题回库)

10. Friends 朋友

11. Primary School 小学(旧题回库)

12. Music音乐
喜欢音乐吗,喜欢什么类型音乐,喜欢什么音乐家吗, 喜欢唱歌吗,为什么认为音乐在生活中很重要

13. Bicycles 自行车(旧题回库)

14. Teamwork 团队合作

15. Computer 电脑(旧题回库)

16. Snacks 小吃

17. Teachers老师

18. Countryside 乡村

19. Science 科学(旧题回库)
喜欢自然科学吗, 你觉得自然科学最有趣的是什么, 你不喜欢自然科学的什么

20. Being in a hurry 匆忙做事

21. Museum 博物馆

22. Swimming 游泳

23. Photograph 照片

24. Weekend周末(旧题回库)
喜欢周末吗, 一般怎样度过周末, 周末的重要性, 周末加班是否应该有报酬.

25. Color 颜色


“Part Two”

1. Someone you admire who is much older than you 你欣赏的一个比你年长的人(旧题改编)

2. A person who has apologized to you一个向你歉过道的人 (1月新题)

3. A family member who spent the most time with you 跟你待时间最长的家人

4. A person whose job is useful to the society 一个从事有益于社会工作的人

5. A family that you like (not your own) 喜欢的家庭(1月新题)

6. A famous person you knew from the news一个你从新闻里得知的名人

7. One of your best friend 好友(旧题回库)

8. A person who likes travelling by plane喜欢乘飞机旅游的人


1. A place you visited that has been affected by pollution 你参观过的被污染了的地方(旧题改编)

2. A street that you know你熟知的一条街

3. A place with a lot of water 近水之地(旧题回库)

4. A café or restaurant咖啡馆

5. A country that you have never been to but you want to go一个没去过但想去的国家

6. A house or an apartment you would like to live 你想住的房子


1. An interesting novel or story 有趣的小说或故事(1月新题)

2. A photo of yourself that you like一张心仪的个人照片(1月新题)

3. A product you bought which you felt happy with买的比较满意的一个产品(旧题改编)
4. An art or a craft you made at school 在学校做过的手工

5. A piece of clothing that someone gave you 别人送的一件衣服(旧题改编)

6. Your favorite toy in your childhood 儿时最喜欢的玩具(旧题回库)

7. A photograph of your family 一张家庭照片

8. A gift you recently received (or A gift that took you long time to choose) 近期收到的礼物 (花长时间挑选的礼物)

9. Something you borrowed that was useful 借过的有用之物


1. An experience of communicating with a foreigner in English 一次与外国人用英语交流的经历 (1月新题)

2. An article you read from magazine or Internet about healthy life 从杂志或网站上看到的关于健康的文章

3. An occasion when the weather changed the plan 由于天气原因而改变计划的经历 (旧题改编)

4. A job you would like to do in the future将来想做的工作(旧题回库)

5. A sport you would try for the first time第一次想尝试的体育运动 (1月新题)

6. A long journey you traveled by car 一次长途汽车旅行

7. An activity that keeps you fit 让你保持健康的运动

8. A dream you ever had曾经做过的一个梦 (1月新题)

9. A happy event in your childhood 童年趣事 (旧题回库)

10. A situation waiting for somebody or something 一次等某人或某事的经历

11. A dinner that you had with your friends朋友聚餐 (旧题改编)

12. A difficult choice you made which turned out to be right一个艰难但是正确的决定(1月新题)

13. A time you helped someone帮助别人的经历(旧题回库)

14. A special short trip 特殊的短途旅行(旧题改编)

15. A goal you’d like to achieve in the future未来目标(旧题回库)

16. A new skill you want to learn 想学习的新技能

17. A long walk you enjoyed远足的经历

18. A law that can help your country to protect the environment 一项可以保护环境的法律

19. A success in your life 一次成功的经历

20. A time when you get up early 早起的经历

21. A time that you were looking at the sky 一次观看天空的经历

22. Your plan if you have one-day holiday 如果有一天的假期你会做什么

23. Something important you once forgot to do 一件曾经忘记去做的重要事情

24. A happy event that you had recently 愉快的经历

25. An occasion when someone or something made noise 遇到噪音的情景

26. An important conversation you had 一次重要的谈话

27. A traditional festival in your country传统节日


1. An interesting story from a TV program 电视节目里的趣事(1月新题)

2. A piece of local news that people were interested in人们感兴趣的当地新闻(1月新题)

3. A song that impressed you a lot 印象深刻的歌曲

4. An Educational TV program 有教育意义的电视节目

5. A movie/film you enjoyed and would like to watch again喜欢的电影


1. An interesting animal you saw见过的有趣的动物(旧题回库)


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